Project Description
This project aims to add a few comfort classes back into a library similar to libstdc++ to give the STL user something marginally familiar.

The libavrstdc++ class library is composed of libminimal.a and libavrstdc++.a. It doesn't make sense to make shared libraries in the context of AVR firmware. Also, it may be possible to simply include the "include" and "src" files into your project instead of compiling into an AVR-family-specific library (ie for the ATmega644P).

Revision 2 has changed the format of the library. Where possible (which is most every place), I have put all code in the header file in the same manner of the awesomely great BOOST C++ class library. This provides two main benefits:
  1. It doesn't require a compile for each architecture MCU you wish to use it with
  2. You can just put the include directory in your include path and start using it

libminimal is a custom rewrite of some commonly used string routines that help to keep having to go to the avr libc and link in a large library for just a few components. libavrstdc++ contains Singly Linked Lists, Maps, Sets, SkipLists, and more. See the documentation for a more complete treatment of what's in the library.

The current version is still a work in progress but has limited utility already. If you are interested in this project and would like to contribute your STL classes and/or code, don't hesitate to contact me at bjames at unix-arm dot org. I'd be happy to see anything that you think should be included.

To see the roadmap and JIRA issue/feature tracker:

Checkout the online documenation, feel free to start a discussion if you like.

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